ReKYC is a digital KYC modification solution which enables market intermediaries to completely transform their entire KYC process into paperless mechanism. ReKYC automatins KYC modification processes such as: change in KYC details of customers, Bank & DEMAT Addition etc.

As an industry average, 70-80% of all clients of any Stock Broker are dormant clients. ReKYC helps Stock Brokers to Re-activate these clients so that they can take advantage of the business potential from existing inactive customer base.

Intermediaries can also collect client's FATCA, Income & Net-worth related information which is their annual obligation as a reporting agency under PMLA guidelines.

ReKYC makes customer servicing digital and more efficient.

Re-KYC connects multiple APIs of Back-Office to seamlessly transform the business operations. ReKYC has been designed as per the guidelines published as per the market regulators time to time so that the compliances are managed by the system without manual interventions. ReKYC saves huge money and reduces service latencies. It enhances overall customer experience and happiness quotient.

Re-KYC-Modification software