Digitize your client on-boarding process with ONYX eKYC Solution. It’s the most comprehensive and advanced eKYC Solution available for the Stock Brokers and Financial Service Providers that has proven its metal over last 4 years. Integrated with 15-16 different systems through APIs, it completely digitizes and automates the client account opening process. Keeping Compliance First, ONYX eKYC is the only software approved by CDSL & NSDL both.

Supporting 30+ clients, ONYX eKYC has become the most trusted brand in the eKYC domain. Our continuous efforts to keep upgrading the software from technical, compliance and security front, makes ONYX eKYC, the most advanced and user friendly solution.

ONYX eKYC- Enterprise Version
DIY Platform

DIY Platform for Direct Clients

Browser based user interface designed to provide easy understanding and hassle-free processes for direct clients so that they can complete their self-account opening with-out any assistance.

  • Easy to understand process
  • Process based navigation
  • No-confusion, software-based assistance
  • Increases client conversion
  • Call-centre Module for follow-ups
  • Multi-browser & Mobile responsive
  • Integrated with Video IPV
  • API availability

Mobile Application for Sales Team

ONYX comes with Native Mobile application to strengthen Sales team with latest technology so that they can open client accounts in 15 minutes with-in Branch or anywhere without any difficulty.

  • Digitized account opening process
  • Enhances performance
  • Enhances qualitative work
  • Increases Productivity and conversion
  • Competitive edge over competition
  • Easy performance measurement
  • Real-time updates via Notifications
  • Improves service levels

KYC Verification Interface

Browser based Interface for KYC Verification team that provides automated API based data verification. ONYX improves the overall organization level KYC Compliance mitigation as per latest regulations.

  • API based data verification
  • Reduces manual intervention
  • Easy document verification
  • Improves resource utilization
  • Improves KYC TAT
  • Improves compliances
  • Eliminates printing & Warehousing cost
  • Reduces human errors

ONYX Administrator

ONYX Administrator monitors the organization level account opening, Sales performance, KYC verification, configures process flow as per business requirements and Manages users.

  • Dashboards
  • Client on-boarding reports
  • User management
  • Field and process configuration
  • Brokerage plan & Demat plan management
  • User & Audit Logs
  • Sub-admin for Reports
  • Exe for database housekeeping